Flashlight C4 Orion


New generation flashlight manufactured in anodised Anticorodal 6061 Aluminum and designed for spearfishing and freediving. Thanks to its advanced technical features, it can be used in all sorts of diving activities.


ORION features a Led charge indicator. It is red when the USB cable is inserted and the battery is charging. The same Led turns green when the battery is fully charged. This Led is visible when the bottom of the flashlight is unscrewed and the flashlight is in charging mode.

This flashlight also features a second Led which indicates the charge status of the battery during use, it is visible through the transparent flashlight bottom part. The led turns on when the flashlight is turned on. It has a fixed green light when the battery is charged and it starts blinking the battery is almost out of power.

ORION comes with Type C / Type C charging cable and the charging time, with a 5V 3.0A charger, is 1h50min. It also comes with an adapter that transforms the Type C / Type C cable into a Type C / USB cable to be used with the less powerful but more popular 5V 1.5A charger. In this case, the charging time is 3h.



C4 Carbon company has never been on the market to follow trends, but definitely to make them and to lead the way to innovation. This was true for carbon fiber fins and spearguns, and this is a reality today in the wetsuits sector, thanks to the revolutionary C4 Carbon Skin. This new neoprene has the most important characteristics of a wetsuit: softness and elasticity, thermal insulation in and out of the water, and resistance to wear and tear.


Flashlight C4 Orion

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