Rubber Band C4

Exclusively made for C4 by Primeline Industries, this new latex tubing features a fluorescent orange colour and it is available in 3 different dimensions. Primeline has developed a unique latex tubing with unique properties that improve the performance of any spearguns and this quality is recognized unanimously around the world.


16mm Standard Outside Diameter.

5/8” OD with a 3,2mm / 1/8” ID hole this rubber has the most reliable and renowned advantages of pull effort and power. This thickness is an ever-popular standard of the speargun industry. Combines all the advantages of power, pull effort to 350%, and Primeline’s properties.

14mm Small ID.
The 14mm Small ID with 9/16” OD and 1,6mm/ 1,6mm ID hole is increasingly popular for multi-band applications, generating more power than Standard 1/8” hole rubber. Especially well suited for large bluewater guns.

16mm Small ID.
The 16mm Small ID with a 5/8” OD and 1,6mm ID hole is the most powerful 16mm rubber on the market. It combines the punch and power of 16mm rubber with the extra volume in the rubber to produce more energy without losing any of its high modulus characteristics. Ideal for single and double band applications.



C4 Carbon company has never been on the market to follow trends, but definitely to make them and to lead the way to innovation. This was true for carbon fiber fins and spearguns, and this is a reality today in the wetsuits sector, thanks to the revolutionary C4 Carbon Skin. This new neoprene has the most important characteristics of a wetsuit: softness and elasticity, thermal insulation in and out of the water, and resistance to wear and tear.


Rubber Band C4

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