Rubber Speargun C4 GLADIUS CAMO

GLADIUS CAMO is a monocoque speargun entirely manufactured in 100% high modulus carbon fiber.

Inspired by animal camouflage it has been designed by hand by digitally painting a “textured skin” which makes the carbon fiber background visible. The final effect is similar to turtle skin and the colours of a spotted stingray.


The CAMO version is ideal for Mediterranean type of settings while the CAMO OCEAN model is indicated for bluewater fishing.

On request it is possible to have the left anatomical handle but only in orange.

GLADIUS 85: Barrel Length: 850 mm – Shaft Length: 1250 mm
GLADIUS 95: Barrel Length: 950 mm – Shaft Length: 1350 mm
GLADIUS 105: Barrel Length: 1050 mm – Shaft Length: 1450 mm
GLADIUS 115: Barrel Length: 1150 mm – Shaft Length: 1550 mm



C4 Carbon company has never been on the market to follow trends, but definitely to make them and to lead the way to innovation. This was true for carbon fiber fins and spearguns, and this is a reality today in the wetsuits sector, thanks to the revolutionary C4 Carbon Skin. This new neoprene has the most important characteristics of a wetsuit: softness and elasticity, thermal insulation in and out of the water, and resistance to wear and tear.


Rubber Speargun C4 GLADIUS CAMO

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