Suit POLOSUB Lined Open Cell

Made of an elastic nylon fiber this suit offers external protection, making it highly resistant to abrasions and the damaging effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight.
It is recommended for those who may begin their dive from shore or for those who prefer a particularly robust suit which is highly resistant to possible contact with hard and sharp surfaces.
Available in different thicknesses, in black and in two different camos.



  • Lined Open cell Black :  2,5mm; 3,5mm; 5,5mm; 7mm; 8mm; 9,5mm; 11,5mm
  • Lined Open cell N21 : 2,5mm; 3,5mm; 5,5mm; 7mm
  • Lined Open cell N17 : 2,5mm; 3,5mm; 5,5mm; 7mm; 8mm
  • Lined Open cell KELP : 3,5mm; 5,5mm; 7mm; 8mm



The efficiency of the wetsuit is mostly determined by the perfect adhesion of neoprene to our body shape. That's why Polosub firmly believes in made-to-measure wetsuits and the quality of neoprene. After following these two fundamental guidelines, quality of materials and made to measure outfits, with perseverance and in ten years they have become head of the Italian market and world leader in the sector of made to measure wetsuits.


Suit POLOSUB Lined Open Cell

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